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Patch Panels

When I built my first amateur radio station, I had 2 antennas and 1 rig. Switching antennas was a simple matter of  choosing one cable or the other to plug into my rig.  Now, I have 5 antennas, 7 rigs, and a slew of accessories and test equipment.  Keeping all of the connections straight is an impossible task. 

I engineered at a couple of broadcast stations over about a decade.  The heart of any such station is the patch panel racks.  These racks allow you to connect any source to any destination.  Usually, each device had it's own source and destination.  The patch panels allowed an infinite array of configurations.

Much like those stations, I wanted the ability to configure my station any way I could conceive.  These patch panels were the ultimate solution. 

A typical Patch Panel Schematic
RF Patch Panel, Internal View

Audio and keying patch panels

Audio & Keying Patch Panels, Internal View